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K-Style Gutter

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K-Style Gutters - seamless up to 40' (with available high back add on style in 10' sections)


  • K-Style (OG - Old Gothic) Gutters 

  • Custom Lengths Available​ up to 40',or as long as you need as long as you can transport it. 

Sizes Available:

  • 5"

  • 6"

Available Materials:

  • 16 oz. Copper

  • G90 Galvanized Steel

High back add on style:

  • Available in 10’ sections, only.

  • 16 & 20 oz. Copper

  • G90 Galvanized Steel

  • 24 guage Pre-finished Kynar Steel

  • Lead-coated Copper

  • Freedom Gray

  • Zinc

Here at Chicago Metal Supply We offer a k-style gutter or a k-style gutter with high back, or apron, profile. High backs, or aprons, are used when ice can become a problem and are perfect for keeping that ice and water from getting between the gutter and its accompanying flashings.

Check out our matching k-style miters HERE and

k-style end caps HERE!

To view our rainware assembly guide, click HERE.

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