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Chicago Metal Supply’s Standing Seam metal roofs help you re-imagine metal roofing with clean, sleek lines and a minimum of exposed fasteners for a unique aesthetic effect. A Standing Seam roof panel system meets performance goals by being constructed with a raised portion where the two panels meet, enhancing overall weather resistance. In addition, the panels interlock in such way that allows thermal movement without damage.

Single Lock 100 Panel
Smart Roofing Highland Park.jpg
No watermark - smart roof.jpg
Single Lock 150 Panel
Single Lock 175 Panel
Double Lock 100 Panel
Double Lock 150 Panel
Snap On T Panel


  • On site portable panel roll forming available

  • 1″-1 1/2″ double lock panel curving

  • Minimum 4LF radius

  • Kynar 500 finish 35 Year Warranty

  • 45 colors to choose from

To rent a D.I. roof seamer for your double lock panel jobs, click on the link below

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