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To purchase Stampings online, please click here. We offer over 250 pre-designed choices (shown below), but if you need anything custom made please give us a call at (773) 227-6200.

Available Materials:

- 16 & 20 oz. Copper                               - Lead-Coated Copper

- Freedom Gray Copper                         - Zinc

Stamping S199

Stamping 195_R

9" x  24" 

Stamping S202

Stamping 198_R

9" x  16" 

Stamping S205

Stamping 201_R

Stamping S208

Stamping 204-R

Stamping S211

Stamping 207_R

Stamping S214

Stamping 210_R

Stamping S217

Stamping 213_R

Stamping S220

Stamping 216_R 

Stamping S223

Stamping 219_R

Stamping S226

Stamping 222_R

Stamping S229

Stamping 225_R

Stamping S232

Stamping 228_R

Stamping S235

Stamping 231_R 

Stamping S238

Stamping 234_R

Stamping S241

Stamping 237_R

Stamping S244

Stamping 240_R

Stamping S247

Stamping 243_R

Stamping S250

Stamping 246_R

Stamping S253

Stamping 249_R

Stamping S200

Stamping 196_R

9" x  24" 

Stamping S201

Stamping 197_R

6" x  25" 

Stamping S203

Stamping 199_R


Stamping S204

Stamping 200_R

Stamping S206

Stamping 202_R

Stamping S207

Stamping 203_R

Stamping S209

Stamping 205_R

Stamping S210

Stamping 206_R

Stamping S212

Stamping 208_R

Stamping S213

Stamping 209_R

Stamping S215

Stamping 211_R

Stamping S216

Stamping 212_R

Stamping S218

Stamping 214_R

Stamping S219

Stamping 215_R

Stamping S221

Stamping 217_R

Stamping S222

Stamping 218_R

Stamping S224

Stamping 220_R

Stamping S225

Stamping 221_R

Stamping S227

Stamping 223_R

Stamping S228

Stamping 224_R

Stamping S230

Stamping 226_R

Stamping S231

Stamping 227_R

Stamping S233

Stamping 229_R

Stamping S234

Stamping 230_R

Stamping S236

Stamping 232_R

Stamping S237

Stamping 233_R

Stamping S239

Stamping 235_R

Stamping S240

Stamping 236_R

Stamping S242

Stamping 238_R

Stamping S243

Stamping 239_R

Stamping S245

Stamping 241_R

Stamping S246

Stamping 242_R

Stamping S248

Stamping 244_R

Stamping S249

Stamping 245_R 

Stamping S251

Stamping 247_R

Stamping S252

Stamping 248_O_R

Stamping S254

Stamping 250_R

Stamping S255

Stamping 251_R

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