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To purchase Stampings online, please click here. We offer over 250 pre-designed choices (shown below), but if you need anything custom made please give us a call at (773) 227-6200.

Available Materials:

- 16 & 20 oz. Copper                               - Lead-Coated Copper

- Freedom Gray Copper                         - Zinc

Stamping S100

Stamping 087

Stamping S103

Stamping 090

Stamping S106

Standing 094

Stamping S109

Stamping 097

Stamping S112

Stamping 100

Stamping S115

Stamping 103_R

Stamping S118

Stamping 106_R 

Stamping S121

Stamping 109_R

Stamping S124

Stamping 112_R

Stamping S127

Stamping 115_R

Stamping S130

Stamping 118_R

Stamping S133

Stamping 121_R

Stamping S136

Stamping 128_R

Stamping S139

Stamping 132_R

Stamping S142

Stamping 136_R 

Stamping S145

Stamping 139_R 

Stamping S148

Stamping 143_R

Stamping S151

Stamping 146_R 

Stamping S154

Stamping 150_R

Stamping S157

Stamping 152_R

Stamping S160

Stamping 155_R

Stamping S163

Stamping 158_R

Stamping S166

Stamping 161_R

Stamping S169

Stamping 165_R

Stamping S172

Stamping 168_R 

Stamping S175

Stamping 171_R

Stamping S178

Stamping 174_R

Stamping S181

Stamping 177_R

3" x 20"

Stamping S184

Stamping 180_R 

Stamping S187

Stamping 183_R

11" x  15" 

Stamping S190

Stamping 186_R

4" x 16" 

Stamping S193

Stamping 189_R

(7" x 11")

Stamping S196

Stamping 192_R

(6" x 12")

Stamping S101

Stamping 088

Stamping S104

Stamping 092

Stamping S105

Stamping 093

Stamping S107

Stamping 095

Stamping S108

Stamping 096

Stamping S110

Stamping 098

Stamping S113

Stamping 101

Stamping S114

Stamping 102_R

Stamping S116

Stamping 104_R 

Stamping S117

Stamping 105_R 

Stamping S119

Stamping 107_R

Stamping S120

Stamping 108_R

Stamping S122

Stamping 110_R

Stamping S123

Stamping 111_R

Stamping S125

Stamping 113_R

Stamping S126

Stamping 114_R 

Stamping S128

Stamping 116_R

Stamping S129

Stamping 117_R

Stamping S131

Stamping 119_R

Stamping S132

Stamping 120_R

Stamping S134

Stamping 122_R

Stamping S135

Stamping 127_R

Stamping S137

Stamping 130_R

Stamping S140

Stamping 133_R

Stamping S141

Stamping 134_R

Stamping S143

Stamping 137_R

Stamping S144

Stamping 138_R 

Stamping S146

Stamping 140_R

Stamping S147

Stamping 141_R

Stamping S149

Stamping 144_R

Stamping S150

Stamping 145_R

Stamping S152

Stamping 147_R

Stamping S153

Stamping 149_R 

Stamping S155

Stamping 151_R

Stamping S156

Stamping 164_R

Stamping S158

Stamping 153_R 

Stamping S159

Stamping 154_R

Stamping S161

Stamping 156_R

Stamping S162

Stamping 157_R

Stamping S164

Stamping 159_R 

Stamping S165

Stamping 160-R 

Stamping S167

Stamping 162_R

Stamping S168

Stamping 163_R

Stamping S170

Stamping 166_R

Stamping S171

Stamping 167_R

Stamping S173

Stamping 169_R

Stamping S174

Stamping 170_R

Stamping S176

Stamping 172a_R

Stamping S177

Stamping 173_R

Stamping S179

Stamping 175_R

Stamping S180

Stamping 176_R 

Stamping S182

Stamping 178_R

Stamping S183

Stamping 179_R 

Stamping S185

Stamping 181_R 

Stamping S186

Stamping 182_R

4" x 11"  

Stamping S188

Stamping 184_R

6" x 16" 

Stamping S189

Stamping 185_R

Stamping S191

Stamping 187_R

7" x 12" 

Stamping S192

Stamping 188_R

12" x 8" 

Stamping S194

Stamping 190_ R 

(5" x 7")

Stamping S195

Stamping 191_R

8" x 19" 

Stamping S197

Stamping 194_R

3" x 16" 

Stamping S198

Stamping 193_R

(5" x 17")

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